Our Duvet

with first-class eiderdown from Hraun á Skaga

The Process

from the beginning to the end


world’s rarest and most valuable down

“Fantastic in every respect. I find it hard to get out of bed now. Finally I can sleep perfectly all night, nice and cozy. Terrific service from Herdis, she goes above and beyond to educate on the entire process ensuring no harm to the birds in the collecting of the down as well as assuring that no chemicals are used. She was a wealth of information. The cotton and cashmere casing is lovely and contrary to what I had previously heard about eiderdown, the duvet is full, not flat and nice and light, feeling like it is floating above and around you. I wish I had made this investment sooner.”

Anne McLeanSechelt, B.C. Canada

“I purchased a Skaga eiderdown duvet as a gift for my wife last Christmas and she absolutely loves it. She has tried many duvets but was always cold, until she got the eiderdown duvet. Now she wants to stay in bed under the duvet all day!”

Gunnar Þór GestssonIceland

Where cliffs meet ocean

Located on the coast of rural North Iceland. Hraun á Skaga is more than a family farm; We have cultivated a unique symbiosis with the wild Eider.

Warm duvets and animal welfare hand in hand

Pure eiderdown

Our eiderdown duvet is signed and sealed by the Icelandic Eiderdown Quality Control Agency, confirming quality and weight

Protected wild birds

The Eider voluntarily comes to breed in our bird sanctuary in North Iceland, a place protected from predators and humans

Nature-friendly process

Our eiderdown is cleaned to top quality with no chemicals and the casing is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton