Duvet care

Eiderdown duvet care

How to care for your eiderdown duvet

If cared for properly, an eiderdown duvet can last for decades. It is not uncommon that eiderdown duvets are passed down as heirlooms in Iceland. Eiderdown duvets are generally low maintenance and do not require regular washing. Follow our simple eiderdown duvet care guidelines to optimize your duvets lifespan.


Always use a cover
A duvet cover protects your duvet against wear and stains. Change the cover regularly, every week to every other week, and rotate the duvet inside the cover to even out wear.


In the morning, turn the warm side of your duvet up and let it cool off after the night. This allows it to release the damp it has absorbed overnight from your body.


Air your duvet outside in dry weather for 15-30 minutes. This helps minimize dust and keep the eiderdown airy.
General care and storage
  • To the extent possible, minimize moisture in the room where you keep your eiderdown duvet, e.g., avoid drying your laundry there.
  • Avoid lying on top of your eiderdown duvet, frequent and extended compression is tough on the delicate and airy eiderdown.
  • If you need to store away your eiderdown duvet, remove the duvet cover and pack the duvet loosely into a breathable cotton bag (do not use plastic) and store it in a cool dry place.


We advice against machine washing of the eiderdown duvet. In general, it is important that the eiderdown maintain their natural oils, as the oils keep the down elastic and extend the duvet’s lifespan. However, if cleaning is absolutely necessary, we recommend professional cleaning. The duvet should be washed in a spacious machine on a gentle program at max 40°C with a small amount high-quality down soap. After washing, it is important to completely dry the eiderdown duvet in a tumble drier on a gentle program with a couple of tennis balls to fluff it up.


We hope that by adopting these simple guidelines, you and your duvet will have a long and happy companionship.

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