Eiderdown Duvet

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An exceptionally light yet highly efficient Eiderdown Duvet, encased in certified organic cotton and filled with 100% pure Icelandic eiderdown from Hraun á Skaga.

Each duvet is crafted by hand in our workshop in North Iceland, using genuine ethical and eco-friendly methods. Dimensions and filling are fully customizable, and every duvet undergoes strict quality control, which confirms the exact amount of pure Icelandic eiderdown it contains.

We make every duvet to order with a production time of up to 6 weeks. Depending on your location, you should expect additional 1-2 weeks of delivery time.

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6 weeks production time
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How it works

You place an order

You place an order via our homepage, email or phone

We confirm and make the duvet

Before we start making the duvet, we contact you to ensure everything is correct

Duvet is shipped to you

We ship the duvet fully insured with DHL express and provide you the tracking nr

You receive your duvet

We aim to deliver the duvet at your doorstep within 8 weeks from order date

The process

A symbiosis between bird and man

The Eider spends most of its life out at sea and comes on land only to nest. At Hraun á Skaga we provide a safe sanctuary for the wild birds, where they can nest in peace. While nesting, the female naturally sheds down from her chest to transfer heat to her eggs, lining her nest with the down. When nesting is over, the down is left behind for us as a precious gift.

All natural

We clean the eiderdown to top quality with no chemical additives

Local craft

The duvet is fully made in Iceland, including labeling and packaging

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Duvet Care

Your duvet can outlive you

If cared for properly, an eiderdown duvet can last for decades. Read our advice on how to care for your Icelandic eiderdown duvet to optimise its lifespan.

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Herdís & Merete


Eiderdown has a unique ability to keep you at your ideal temperature. Medium is our Goldilocks fill: perfect for most conditions and sleepers. If you are a cold sleeper or like to sleep in a cold room, we recommend the Warm fill. Don't hesitate contacting us for other fill options and/or different dimensions. Anything is possible!